Startup Academy Serbia

Enabling youth in Serbia to become tech entrepreneurs

Young people from smaller cities in Serbia are often unable to get adequate support for developing their ideas into successful tech companies. Startup Academy has been educating young people and helping them to start their innovative business.

Powering Best-run NGOs & Social Enterprises

Startup Academy is a two month entrepreneurship course for future entrepreneurs that focusses on skills required for creating successful products and running global businesses.

Interest in this program was particularly strong in the smaller cities of Serbia. In an effort to easily share the knowledge to a wider audience, SAP and non-profit partner SEE ICT developed a free online learning booklet. The booklet consisted of several lectures, know-how best practices sections, and interviews on specific topics written by entrepreneurs, such as the lean start-up methodology or tips on how to create and run a start-up company in Serbia.

SEE ICT also helps to transmit knowledge and learning material from offline courses into online channels and promotes them through their wide network in Serbia, providing easy access for all interested parties.

  • 100 people went through Startup Academy.
  • 40 start-ups were initiated.
  • 100 young people were employed in newly created companies.
  • Over 1.000.000€ invested in start-ups that went through Startup Academy.

"At we have developed a thriving start-up community in Serbia, which consists of many thousands of people interested in technology and entrepreneurship. Being determined to help young people in our country to pursue a better future for themselves and their families through tech education and development of globally successful products, we are very happy that SAP has recognized this mission as a worthy one."
Vladimir Trkulja, Co-founder SEE ICT